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China Post in Propaganda Overdrive

The China Post front page today was totally dedicated to “Man-made Global Warming” Propaganda!  It was a smart splice of Copenhagen “Save the Earth!” & “A new world is coming. ” On first glance it looked like a futuristic view on a Brave New World, they are now laying the foundation for there, with news about a new space tourism rocket of Virgin Label owner, and the regular AGW drivel. Have a look! It is awesome!
global warming hype

Message? Either “we save the Earth” or “we have to find a new home!” Wicked, no? Edward Bernays, the father of modern media brainwashing couldn’t have made it look more alarming. And that was not all. Inside the pages was printed another deception. “Greenhous gases harmful to humans!” Now, they are appealing to your fears that you may not survive, if we don’t unite under a global government and start paying global carbon tax to our new masters soon! Look for yourself!
greenhouse gases are gonna kill us acc. to Chinapost Newsspeak!
And then it has a picture of a devastating snowy scene under it, because didn’t you know? Cooling spells are also caused by…yes you guessed it…man made global warming! Ha! Watertight! And the Taiwanese & Expatriate middle class and intellectuals just eat it up, like rats devour poisoned cheese! They also don’t think and check for themselves.

The didn’t check the real news in the alternative media, nor heard about “Climate gate” that ripped the pillows from under the comfortable funded AGW (anthropogenic/man-made global warming) scientific elite, that cooked up the false numbers. Why? Because they only read the China Post and watch perhaps CNN.

I tell you, these local language newspapers like CP, Bangkok Post, India Times, etc., are really important in the forming of politically correct global opinion. They preach to the decision makers in all these third World or Asian countries and their elites,  and thus they set the stage for the NWO (New World Order!), that they probably haven’t heard about either.

All these non Western newspapers are controlled, edited, or owned by Western Power Elite, and do their bidding. The China Post is owned by some Mr. Jack Huang, who is probably appointed by the Wall Street Journal corporation that controls the China Post.
western Media puppet owners and editors of China Post

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