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Global Warming Not Possible

A RETIRED Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University physics professor has rejected the theory of global warming, arguing that temperatures are, in fact, cooling. Addressing a group of students and lecturers in his old department on Friday, Prof Koos Vermaak said a global temperature rise was “not possible”. What fluctuations there were had nothing to do with human activity and the generation of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide – a cornerstone of the warning by the UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), he said. “Politicians, Greenpeace and the media are to blame for these global warming lies.”

But the China Post really doesn’t care about this research! “We have to get Taiwanese ready for Global Government & paying their Carbon Tax on time, and no meat, all become good vegans, and be good slaves of the NWO!”
Chinapost - False Global warming awareness booster!

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