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China Post Spreading Globalist Rising Sea Levels Myths

CP: “Taiwan’s Sea Levels on the Rise Due to Global Warming” bla bla!

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Like many countries around the world, Taiwan’s sea levels have risen steadily as a result of global warming and measures need to be taken urgently to combat an increased threat of flooding, local environmental scientists said Sunday.

Taiwan’s sea level has risen by an average of 3 centimeters over the past 10 years, or about 0.3 cm each year, said Fan Kuang-lung, a professor in National Taiwan University’s Institute of Oceanography.
The article goes on to explain that the Earth’s sea levels will rise by an average of 4-5 meters, and if the entire Antarctic Pole melts down, the world’s sea levels will rise by an apocalyptic 70 meters. BE VERY AFRAID!!!

The real reason for any flooding is actually given in the article, stating “Human behavior is only complicating the problem, the scientist suggested. Many households along Taiwan’s western coast regularly pump underground water for farming or everyday use, gradually causing the ground to subside to a level lower than sea level.”

See our link on the right about the so-called “rising sea levels!” China Post is a mouth piece of the globalist forces of this world who want to take away not only our academic freedom that Global Warming is a hoax, but also tax us for the spurious Carbon cause for warming. Actually the earth has been cooling over the last 10 years. For confirmation on that google You tube for Lord Christopher Monckton, if you care enough!

SHUN the Collectivist Post & its propaganda!

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