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The WHO Funded by Big Pharma & Ruled by CFR


The gigantic and growing amounts of funding that WHO receives from pharmaceutical corporations and private foundations is bound to raise questions about the influence that these entities exercised on WHO’s declaration of a pandemic level 6 emergency this June.

The CFR website also reveals that „some“ delegates of the the World Health Assembly (WHA), which acts as WHO’s governing body, did not want to declare a pandemic emergency level 6 over the mild swine flu.

“It took nearly two months of lobbying and a three-day emergency session to get enough members on board for the pandemic declaration,” says the CFR website.

It is not clear who was doing the lobbying to persuade WHA members to agree to a pandemic level 6 declaration.

It is not clear whether pharmaceutical company representatives participated in this three-day emergency session.

WHO has refused to give the names of 18 members of a key secret committee that played a key role in the pandemic emergency declaration. Therefore, it is not possible to assess how many have ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

It is, however, known that at least 7 members of a key vaccine advisory board, SAGE, have financial links to pharmaceutical companies, raising fears of conflicts of interest.

Also, dozens of pharmaceutical executives were present allegedly as „observers“ at a meeting of Sage in July.

WHO refused to release the minutes of this meeting, reinforcing the impression that WHO is engaged inc concealing the influential role of pharmaceutical companies in its decision-making process.

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