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Lord Monckton Could Teach China Post Editors Much About REAL Climate Change!

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

This erudite man could run circles around the “journalists” and editors of the “Taiwanese” China Post, if they would engage in debate, which they wouldn’t of course, as they are so busy brainwashing the Taiwanese and Expatriate middle and upper middle class and up, with the globalist agenda of population control and massive taxation in a very UN-democratic way.

Watch the comparative honest Russian Media outlet “Russia Today”. Listen to Lord Christopher Monckton and be really educated! And for God’s sake and your own and the World’s sake, stop buying or distributing that s**t rag called the China Post today!

Even the Taipei Times is more truthful than the CP! The Communist Post? The Collectivist Post? She sure sounds like it! Be liberated today from her malignant cancerous influence today! By the way, the CP has yet to report on the Climate Gate scandal that rocked teh World. Can you believe it?
And now, ladies and gentlemen, see and hear Lord Christopher Monckton on Climate change!

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