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The WHO Funded by Big Pharma & Ruled by CFR

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The gigantic and growing amounts of funding that WHO receives from pharmaceutical corporations and private foundations is bound to raise questions about the influence that these entities exercised on WHO’s declaration of a pandemic level 6 emergency this June.

The CFR website also reveals that „some“ delegates of the the World Health Assembly (WHA), which acts as WHO’s governing body, did not want to declare a pandemic emergency level 6 over the mild swine flu.

“It took nearly two months of lobbying and a three-day emergency session to get enough members on board for the pandemic declaration,” says the CFR website.

It is not clear who was doing the lobbying to persuade WHA members to agree to a pandemic level 6 declaration.

It is not clear whether pharmaceutical company representatives participated in this three-day emergency session.

WHO has refused to give the names of 18 members of a key secret committee that played a key role in the pandemic emergency declaration. Therefore, it is not possible to assess how many have ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

It is, however, known that at least 7 members of a key vaccine advisory board, SAGE, have financial links to pharmaceutical companies, raising fears of conflicts of interest.

Also, dozens of pharmaceutical executives were present allegedly as „observers“ at a meeting of Sage in July.

WHO refused to release the minutes of this meeting, reinforcing the impression that WHO is engaged inc concealing the influential role of pharmaceutical companies in its decision-making process.


Flu vaccination Side Effects ChinaPost Does NOT report on!

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Several people get GBS after swine flu vaccinations, yet some doses ‘not potent enough’ – an Examiner Article by Elizabeth Delaney

(…) severe lower back pain; difficulty with bladder control or intestinal functions; choking on saliva and even complete paralysis of legs, arms and breathing muscles over the course of a few hours. “If you’ve ever watched anyone go through Guillain-Barre, you would rather go through the flu.”

Symptoms of dizziness and paralysis occurred right after vaccination for a 16-year-old boy in Korea. But for others, some of which were in the US, the onset was anywhere from a few hours to a week after vaccination.

The swine flu vaccine was fast-tracked through the FDA process because swine flu had been determined to be a pandemic by the WHO. As of December, it was discovered that swine flu is not as serious as originally anticipated, and Harvard University researchers concluded that it is only slightly worse than the seasonal flu. As a result, public interest in the vaccine is waning read more–Politics-Examiner~y2009m12d15-Several-people-get-GBS-after-swine-flu-vaccinations-yet-some-doses-not-potent-enough

“Adjuvant disease has been shown to have a latency of onset in humans ranging from 2 weeks to 18 years after exposure” scientific research clearly state:

Lord Monckton Could Teach China Post Editors Much About REAL Climate Change!

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This erudite man could run circles around the “journalists” and editors of the “Taiwanese” China Post, if they would engage in debate, which they wouldn’t of course, as they are so busy brainwashing the Taiwanese and Expatriate middle and upper middle class and up, with the globalist agenda of population control and massive taxation in a very UN-democratic way.

Watch the comparative honest Russian Media outlet “Russia Today”. Listen to Lord Christopher Monckton and be really educated! And for God’s sake and your own and the World’s sake, stop buying or distributing that s**t rag called the China Post today!

Even the Taipei Times is more truthful than the CP! The Communist Post? The Collectivist Post? She sure sounds like it! Be liberated today from her malignant cancerous influence today! By the way, the CP has yet to report on the Climate Gate scandal that rocked teh World. Can you believe it?
And now, ladies and gentlemen, see and hear Lord Christopher Monckton on Climate change!

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Taiwan offers cabbages to get people to take swine flu vaccine

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Taipei – Taiwan launched an island-wide H1N1 vaccination campaign on Saturday, offering cabbages and other small gifts to induce people to take the shot. More than half a million people took the vaccination shot on Saturday at 2,573 places designated by the Department of Health.

They include hospitals, clinics, community centres, shopping malls, train stations and temples.

Some Taiwanese are reluctant to take the shot, fearing the vaccine is not safe.

To lure people to take the shot, the shopping malls and community centres gave the recipient a big green cabbage or a small gift, like a ruler or a rubber eraser.

Premier Wu Den-yi took the H1N1 vaccine shot Saturday. President Ma Ying-jeou was took a shot of the locally-developed H1N1 vaccine last month.

Before Saturday, Taiwan had already vaccinated 2.6 million people who were categorized as priority groups – infant and children, students, patients, pregnant women and senior citizens.

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Here you see the results of MS Media brainwashing, together with a complicit TW health department, probably populated by Vaccin producers’ agents. Either that, or a bunch of scared Freemasons obeying their higher Masons to do their bidding.