Iran vs Israel: What MS-Media like the China Post Want You To Forget

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The corporate media have been given their orders to throw the focus back on to Iran.

Here is a recap of what they are trying to make you forget.

1. Last Spring, Rose Gottemoeller, an assistant secretary of state and Washington’s chief nuclear arms negotiator, asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel refused.

2. The United Nations passed a resolution calling on Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.

3. The IAEA asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.

4. Iran’s formal notification to the IAEA of the planned construction of the backup fuel-rod facility underscores that Iran is playing by the rules of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which Iran has signed.

5. Iran allows IAEA inspections of all its facilities.

6. Contrary to face-saving claims, it appears that the US and Israel were both caught off guard by Iran’s announcement. The reasoning is simple. Had the US or Israel announced the existence of he new facility before Iran’s notified the IAEA, it would have put Iran on the defensive. As it is now, the US and Israel seem to be playing catch up, casting doubt on the veracity of Israel’s claims to “know” that Iran is a nuclear threat.

7. The IAEA and all 16 United States Intelligence Agencies are unanimous in agreement that Iran is not building and does not possess nuclear weapons.

8. In 1986, Mordachai Vanunu blew the whistle and provided photographs showing Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons factory underneath the reactor at Dimona.

9. Israel made the same accusations against Iraq that it is making against Iran, leading up to Israel’s bombing of the power station at Osirik. Following the invasion of 2003, international experts examined the ruins of the power station at Osirik and found no evidence of a clandestine weapons factory in the rubble.

10. The United Nations has just released the Goldstone Report, a scathing report which accuses Israel of 37 specific war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza earlier this year. Israel has denounced the report as “Anti-Semitic (even though Judge Goldstone is himself Jewish), and the United States will block the report from being referred to the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague, thereby making the US Government an accessory after-the-fact.

We all need to be Joe Wilson right now. We need to stand up and scream, “LIAR!” at every politician and every talking media moron that is pushing this war in Iran. And we need to keep dong it until they get the message that we will not be deceived any more.

Israel wants to send your kids off to die in Iran, and YOU are the only one that can stop them.

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Flu vaccination Side Effects ChinaPost Does NOT report on!

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Several people get GBS after swine flu vaccinations, yet some doses ‘not potent enough’ – an Examiner Article by Elizabeth Delaney

(…) severe lower back pain; difficulty with bladder control or intestinal functions; choking on saliva and even complete paralysis of legs, arms and breathing muscles over the course of a few hours. “If you’ve ever watched anyone go through Guillain-Barre, you would rather go through the flu.”

Symptoms of dizziness and paralysis occurred right after vaccination for a 16-year-old boy in Korea. But for others, some of which were in the US, the onset was anywhere from a few hours to a week after vaccination.

The swine flu vaccine was fast-tracked through the FDA process because swine flu had been determined to be a pandemic by the WHO. As of December, it was discovered that swine flu is not as serious as originally anticipated, and Harvard University researchers concluded that it is only slightly worse than the seasonal flu. As a result, public interest in the vaccine is waning read more–Politics-Examiner~y2009m12d15-Several-people-get-GBS-after-swine-flu-vaccinations-yet-some-doses-not-potent-enough

“Adjuvant disease has been shown to have a latency of onset in humans ranging from 2 weeks to 18 years after exposure” scientific research clearly state:

Lord Monckton Could Teach China Post Editors Much About REAL Climate Change!

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This erudite man could run circles around the “journalists” and editors of the “Taiwanese” China Post, if they would engage in debate, which they wouldn’t of course, as they are so busy brainwashing the Taiwanese and Expatriate middle and upper middle class and up, with the globalist agenda of population control and massive taxation in a very UN-democratic way.

Watch the comparative honest Russian Media outlet “Russia Today”. Listen to Lord Christopher Monckton and be really educated! And for God’s sake and your own and the World’s sake, stop buying or distributing that s**t rag called the China Post today!

Even the Taipei Times is more truthful than the CP! The Communist Post? The Collectivist Post? She sure sounds like it! Be liberated today from her malignant cancerous influence today! By the way, the CP has yet to report on the Climate Gate scandal that rocked teh World. Can you believe it?
And now, ladies and gentlemen, see and hear Lord Christopher Monckton on Climate change!

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China Post Spreading Globalist Rising Sea Levels Myths

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CP: “Taiwan’s Sea Levels on the Rise Due to Global Warming” bla bla!

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Like many countries around the world, Taiwan’s sea levels have risen steadily as a result of global warming and measures need to be taken urgently to combat an increased threat of flooding, local environmental scientists said Sunday.

Taiwan’s sea level has risen by an average of 3 centimeters over the past 10 years, or about 0.3 cm each year, said Fan Kuang-lung, a professor in National Taiwan University’s Institute of Oceanography.
The article goes on to explain that the Earth’s sea levels will rise by an average of 4-5 meters, and if the entire Antarctic Pole melts down, the world’s sea levels will rise by an apocalyptic 70 meters. BE VERY AFRAID!!!

The real reason for any flooding is actually given in the article, stating “Human behavior is only complicating the problem, the scientist suggested. Many households along Taiwan’s western coast regularly pump underground water for farming or everyday use, gradually causing the ground to subside to a level lower than sea level.”

See our link on the right about the so-called “rising sea levels!” China Post is a mouth piece of the globalist forces of this world who want to take away not only our academic freedom that Global Warming is a hoax, but also tax us for the spurious Carbon cause for warming. Actually the earth has been cooling over the last 10 years. For confirmation on that google You tube for Lord Christopher Monckton, if you care enough!

SHUN the Collectivist Post & its propaganda!

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Taiwan offers cabbages to get people to take swine flu vaccine

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Taipei – Taiwan launched an island-wide H1N1 vaccination campaign on Saturday, offering cabbages and other small gifts to induce people to take the shot. More than half a million people took the vaccination shot on Saturday at 2,573 places designated by the Department of Health.

They include hospitals, clinics, community centres, shopping malls, train stations and temples.

Some Taiwanese are reluctant to take the shot, fearing the vaccine is not safe.

To lure people to take the shot, the shopping malls and community centres gave the recipient a big green cabbage or a small gift, like a ruler or a rubber eraser.

Premier Wu Den-yi took the H1N1 vaccine shot Saturday. President Ma Ying-jeou was took a shot of the locally-developed H1N1 vaccine last month.

Before Saturday, Taiwan had already vaccinated 2.6 million people who were categorized as priority groups – infant and children, students, patients, pregnant women and senior citizens.

Copyright DPA
Here you see the results of MS Media brainwashing, together with a complicit TW health department, probably populated by Vaccin producers’ agents. Either that, or a bunch of scared Freemasons obeying their higher Masons to do their bidding.

Do Scientists Agree on AGW?

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scientists agree on global warming?

“Oy Ve! The Tides Are Rising!!!”

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Oy Ve! The Tides Are Rising- Chinapost Scare mongering
Dr Mörner says that all this talk about the sea levels rising is nothing but a great hoax and scare mongering.

The UK Telegraph reports:

“if there is one scientist who knows more about sea levels than anyone else in the world it is the Swedish geologist and physicist Nils-Axel Mörner, formerly chairman of the INQUA International Commission on Sea Level Change. And the uncompromising verdict of Dr Mörner, who for 35 years has been using every known scientific method to study sea levels all over the globe, is that all this talk about the sea rising is nothing but a colossal scare story.

“Despite fluctuations down as well as up, “the sea is not rising,” he says. “It hasn’t risen in 50 years.” If there is any rise this century it will “not be more than 10cm (four inches), with an uncertainty of plus or minus 10cm”. And quite apart from examining the hard evidence, he says, the elementary laws of physics (latent heat needed to melt ice) tell us that the apocalypse conjured up by Al Gore and Co could not possibly come about.

But never mind real science, the CP tries with this flood picture to appeal to our lower instincts of “the sky is falling!” And if that is not enough, retreating ice glaciers! Yeah!retreating iceglaciers hoax!