We are a Main Stream Media (MSM) Watch Blog so far for the Taiwanese China Post publication, to report on its low journalistic levels & its hyping of “Man Made Global Warming”, of a long dead “Osama Al Qaeda”, and continual whining that “Iran is more nuke dangerous than 200 nuke possessing Israel!” CP’s under-reporting of Palestinian suffering, demolition, agriculture uprootings, & genocide from Israel’s apartheid system, war & state terror. CP’s constantly harping on Gay-ness to brainwash the straight majority! And there are many other harps the CP plays to get us ready for global tyrrany! CP is a globalist Elite-controlled opinion creating organ, and too many swallow it hook, line and sinker! If you have a MSM watch blog like this, please send us your link, and link to us! Mr. Lu from Taiwan

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